Black Bone Silkie Chicken Soup Recipe

Black Bone Silkie Chicken Recipe
4 servings

•   Half of a whole silkie chicken around 8.oz•   10 red dates•   1 inch root ginger sliced•   10 dried small shitake mushroom•   1 small cup of wolfberry (optional)•   Salt as needed•   Water as needed
1. Wash the silkie chicken carefully and then cut into small chunks.
2. Put chicken in boiling water around 2 minutes to remove the impurities.
3. Soak the dried small shitake mushroom in boiling water for around 10 minutes. Wash out.
4. Place the silkie chicken in a pot, add washed red dates, wolfberry,
    soaked shitake mushrooms and ginger slices in.
5. Pour enough water in the pot just cover the chicken meat.
6. Bring all the content of the pot to a boiling and turn down the fire to simmer
    for around 1.5 hours then add salt to taste.

Serve and enjoy this Authentic Chinese Food Recipe –
Black Bone Silkie Chicken Soup Recipe

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