Japchae Recipe

Japchae Recipe

Serves 4
    10 oz glass / korean vemicelli noodles
    ⅓ lb lean cut of beef, cut into 2" long and ¼" thick sticks
    1 bunch spinach, trimmed and cleaned
    1 medium carrot, cut into 2" long and ⅛" thick sticks
    1 small onion, thinly sliced
    6 shitaki mushrooms, sliced
    ¼ lb oyster mushrooms, sliced

1. Mix beef in the marinade. Set aside. Boil water in a pot. Blanch mushrooms first for 2 seconds. Take them out and rinse them in the cold water. Squeeze out excess water. place in a bowl.  In the same boiling water add spinach, blanch for 3 seconds. rinse in the cold water as well. squeeze out excess water and place in a bowl. Season mushrooms and spinach each with their seasoning ingredients separately.

2. Saute onions and carrots separately with some salt and sugar to taste over medium heat. Saute beef and cook until done. Reserve the juice from the meat in the pan. Set a side the meat. Meanwhile, boil water in a pot. Add the noodles and stir them first. Cook for about 6 minutes or follow package direction. Rinse them under cold water. Drain the noodles. Cut the noodles if you desire.

3. Cook noodles in the pan with reserved meat juice over medium heat. Add the noodle seasoning and toss them well. Let all the ingredients to cool down to room temp.Toss noodles with beef, spinach, mushrooms, onions, carrots with hand. Adjust seasoning for your taste. Serve in a room temperature. Enjoy.

Serve and enjoy this delicious Authentic Korean Food Recipe – Japchae

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